Teaching the human body to your kids doesn’t have to be hard

You’re worried you can’t teach the human body when you don’t remember the material yourself.

You want to find simple ways to explain how things work that also keep their attention.

You struggle with trying to simplify the information enough for him.

So you pick up a biology book but it’s way over his head and you’re not sure how to make it age-appropriate.

You don't need a science degree to teach the human body

The human body is a complex system and you may be uncertain where to start.

You’re worried you don’t know enough yourself, how could you possibly teach your little guy?

You put together science experiments but they didn’t work and then your kids lost interest.

But you can teach the human body with supplies found in your kitchen.

No one has time to make a trip to the dollar store, grocery store and hardware store for one project.

What if you had everything you needed in front of you to teach the human body?

Introducing the Human Body Activities for Early Learning

Human Body Activities for Early Learning

What's Included?

Human body parts for kids

Go through the parts of the body including 7 body systems.

Then we'll go into each of the organ systems.

Each section of the book introduces new vocabulary words and includes hands-on activities that cement the function of the system.

human body activities for kindergarten

For each lesson, you'll find:

A set of 3-part Vocabulary Cards

Playdough Mats

A hands-on activity

Relevant Printable Activities that will engage your kids

Human body activities
  • Printable posters
  • 3-part cards
  • Dot coloring Pages
  • Coloring Pages
  • Puzzles
  • Writing worksheets
  • Mini booklets
  • Bingo game
  • Board game
  • Memory cards

What others are saying

I am a homeschooling teacher and finding things that help my 1st and 2nd grade kids visually understand what I am teaching is difficult…that is until I found “Living Life and Learning.” I have used both the human body and the water cycle activities and my kids love them. I cut out and laminated the parts of the body and the kids love to place them where they go on the model provided…and I am glad to have a boy and girl model to use. Thank you so much for using your talent to help the rest of us!

~ Cyndi G.

Make Learning Science Fun!

Reproductive System Activities

The Reproductive system is a part of each of our bodies, it doesn't have to be "weird" to talk about your private parts. Kids are curious and they don't think anything is wrong with their own parts unless others tell them so. 

Have the confidence to teach about your child's reproductive system, we all know, we should be using the appropriate words to describe our body parts.

Reproductive system for early learning

Save Time

Ready to go lesson plans so you have everything you need without the headache.

Quality Activities

Hands-on activities that will engage your kids and keep their attention.

Less Time on the Computer

Spend less time searching for lessons online and more time with your family.

Age Appropriate Hands-on Activities that Keep Your Kids Attention

Get Two Products for the Price of One

Junior Scientist Science Study: Human Body

  • 300+ Pages of Human Body Fun
  • Hands-on activities with household supplies
  • 3-Part vocabulary cards so you know exactly what words to teach
  • Craft or activity to break down complex topics

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